Quilt360 – 360 Video for VR

The app shows the user a 360 video, and then presents the user with options according to the content of the video. Depending on the user’s choice is the development of the story. The application was built in a way that the user could feed it with n number of videos, which could have n number of links in between, allowing the user to create any “choose your own adventure” alike story. The user would provide the application with a JSON configuration file which includes the videos, links between the videos, and the options to be shown for each video. The app has use cases for education, training, and assessment purposes. Quilt was developed in Unity 3D using C# and is targeted for Google Card Board devices and Oculus Go devices.









The Challenge

To build an app which would run 360 videos in android mobile devices using the Google Cardboard and in Oculus Go. The app would present the videos as parts of the main story, and the users could select different paths of the story after watching a video. The system should be able to accommodate n number of videos with n number of interconnections among them.

The Solution

To build the app using Unity 3D which has very handy features to work with VR, 360 videos, and multi-platform deployment. The app works based on JSON configuration file which provides the structure of the story, the links between the videos, and the dynamic content to be displayed in the user interface. The application can host a large number of videos which could be saved in the mobile device or fetched from the cloud.

The Results

Quilt360, an application with runs on mobile Android devices and Oculus Go showcasing multi-path stories using 360  videos.

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