Top Projects


Robotic Teacher Assistant

A robotic teacher assistant for a joint venture between CQUniversity and Acme Robotics Pty Ltd.


Elderly Companion Avatar

As an extension to the robotic teacher assistant, Acme Robotics Pty Ltd developed a prototype of a digital avatar to nurture the “brain” of the robot.


HeartMR App for CQUniversity and Bond University

The joint effort by CQUniversity and Bond University to build the HeartMR mixed reality application for mobile devices using Unity 3D.


HeartMR App extended to work with Monash University eExams

The HeartMR project was also extended to work with Monash University to integrate the application into their Linux-based electronic exams eExams platform.

VR Multiplayer Audio Semantic Analysis

Recording and processing of audio in VR environments

Bond University gave me the opportunity to work in the implementation of audio recording and language processing for a multi-user virtual reality environment created with Unity 3D and C#, and third-party Unity 3D libraries like Photon Multiplayer and Communication.

360 video for VR

Multi-path story-telling with 360 videos in VR

Working again for CQUniversity, we were commissioned to build the Quilt 360 video VR application. Quilt allows the user to explore multi-path stories in an immersive 360 video virtual reality experience.

360 video for VR with real time data visualization

Multi-path story-telling with 360 videos in VR

The Quilt 360 video VR application had an extension to include a more comprehensive module for the assessment of the video content.

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